When is the last time you heard of an amateur making a discovery and coming to conclusions which may affect over two billion (yes, billion!!) people?

A revolutionary thinker and dynamic speaker, Zvi Koenigsberg will guide you through his amazing research, which has been recognized by the best experts in related fields as original, explosive and possibly creating a virtual upheaval in previously almost axiomatic concepts relating to the Hebrew Bible and the beginnings of Western Civilization.

What is the first book of the Hebrew Bible? Genesis. Not so, says Koenigsberg. He will show you why its actually Deuteronomy.

Where was the first temple of Israel? Jerusalem. Not so, says Koenigsberg. Its at Mt. Ebal, at an archaeological site he helped excavate in the 1980’s.

What are the earliest literary works of Western Civilization? The Odyssey and the Illiad by Homer. Not so, says Koenigsberg, providing credible evidence that parts of the Hebrew Bible preceded them by some 400 years!!

Let him take you through his incredible saga, which will teach you never to take anything for granted, keep an open mind, and most important, appreciate the dogged determination that proves better than anything that “when there’s a will, there’s a way”.