Scott porter is an internationally recognized Exercise Physiologist and Trainer. Scott has been training world class and professional athletes for over 30 years. He lectures for the NBA, ATP, many NCAA Division 1 programs, New York Road Runners Club etc. He works with all levels of athletes as well as those of you who just want to be healthier, eliminate the aches and pains, raise your energy level and change how you look. His clients’ ages range from 6 to 94 years of age, from jr Olympians, overweight children to professional athletes and senior Olympians.

Scott’s training delivers Evaluation, Nutrition (also proper supplementation), Flexibility, Cardiovascular Fitness, Muscle Balance and Strength, Pliometrics, Proprioception, Kinematic Evaluation and Psychology. All programs are designed for the individual of all ages at all levels to continually challenge personal bests developing strong character, body and mind.

He provides sport-specific conditioning and training programs for skill development in basketball, soccer, tennis, golf, volleyball, football, boxing, martial arts, baseball, marathon and triathlons.

Fitness is an enabler to total life harmony—better health, better physical and mental performance, more enjoyment and a positive emotional state.

Scott has been the Health and Fitness Consultant to the City of Las Vegas, Performed his own Radio Talk Show for 8 years, expert used on Channel 8, consistent guest on Day One with host Nancy Byrne, helped develop Corporate Challenge and is also the Nutrition and Fitness Division Head of Thrive (the leader in Corporate Wellness, Nutritional Consulting, Lifestyle Coaching and Total Body Fitness) Web Address