Scot Ferrell, known as “America’s Behavior Expert,” is a trusted resource in personal behavior and programming and business for over 25 years.

In addition to being the CEO of Success Matrix International, he’s a business and family behavior coach and consultant, a syndicated radio show host, former high school basketball coach and has had his name displayed in lights in New York’s Times Square as a best-selling author. He has also received a Golden Quill award for his books.

Bill O’Reilly’s producer gave Scot the nickname of “Dr. Phil Meets Pearl Jam” to describe Scot’s unique mixture of straight talk, business & family expertise and knowledge of human behavior.

Scot is a trusted expert for TV and radio networks such as USA Today, Fox News, ABC, NBC, CBS and was recently featured in Forbes Magazine for his new business book, “Your Rulz, Your Resultz: The Executive Code to Business & BehaviorYour Rulz, Your Resultz: The Executive Code to Business & Behavior.

He’s been known to show up as a vampire on the former TV show “Drop Dead Diva” and is commonly mistaken for Vince Neill of the rock band Motley Crue, Kid Rock or Captain Jack Sparrow…all adding up to an “expert experience” unlike any other!

sferrell-book“Scot has the experience to think and articulate critical knowledge, the credentials to validate his wisdom, a body of work product that differentiates him among all others, and the boldness to call it like it is – a must in today’s world! Working and serving alongside Scot has been a real ride of adrenalin!” – Dr. Jeff Magee, “America’s Business Guru”

Scot Ferrell’s success strategies transcend the classroom, the boardroom or the athletic field. His systematic principles of success work in any area of your life.

Why would you or your company need a behavior expert? Don’t most people know how to manage their relationships, businesses, children, money and health?

As a matter of fact, there is no real “school” for most folks to go to to get common-sense advice and tips on behavior issues that need changing to produce real results. Because you are shaped in your childhood, you don’t know why many of the decisions you make on a daily basis are made or you don’t understand why they are the wrong decision for your life and the results you want.

With his direct, non-nonsense speaking style, Scot is a natural at delivering common-sense solutions for the most challenging behavior issues, no matter whether it is in the family room or the boardroom.

“Scot Ferrell has the secret code to the behavior it takes to lead and guide a successful business and its employees. Forget sales projections, budgets and operational issues; companies are made out of human beings and this is where Scot’s behavioral expertise shines. I guarantee that you’ve never heard any other speaker like this. If you’ve ever wondered why your employees do “this”, you HAVE to get this guy to speak to your company! Otherwise, you’re going to stagnate – in productivity and profit losses – being completely and absolutely clueless.” – Erin Saxton, Former Producer of The View & The Rosie Show; CEO, Eleven Communications

“Scot, through his motivational methods will not cost you money, he will save you money! Watch your team’s productivity soar!” – Saville Kellner, CEO, Lake Industries, JLS Financial, Inc. and Black Card Radio

“Scot has been such an inspiration to my business. He has motivated me to dream big and make my business a success! Thanks Scot for supporting me with building my empire of health and wellness!” – Dr. Tiffany Jackson, ND, EcoHealth & Wellness

“Scot has a wisdom that is so clear and a way of connecting to the real person – seeing through the emotions and the “fronts”… He gives hope and a path to help one see what they can be and how they are getting in their own way.” – Angela Mauckm, RN Case Manager, BS Nursing/BA Journalism

Speaking Topics

  • Creating Your Rulz & Resultz for Your Company & Culture
  • It Starts With You (For CEOs & C-Level Execs)
  • Hiring & Firing Rulz For Maximum Resultz
  • Public & Private: You Can’t Hide Behavior Behind Closed Doors
  • Re-Program You & Your Behavior For Success
  • Family Business & Behavior
  • Customized Keynotes, Seminars & Workshops Available Upon Request