Ron Seggi began his professional career over forty seven years ago at the age of fourteen. However, the love between “Ron and Radio” actually began at the age of seven, when his father took him to visit a radio station. By the time he graduated from high school, Ron already had many years of on-air experience. During college, Ron worked full-time as an announcer for both radio and television.

In 1970, Ron embarked on a singing career, putting together a successful nightclub act. It was during this time that he recorded twelve records, five of which were released nationally and two were nominated for Grammy Awards. He has also performed as a warm-up act for several internationally known performers.

At age twenty-nine, Ron became the owner his first radio station, WSEG-FM. In 1987, he purchased WIPC his second radio station.

It was always his goal to do a show on a national level and that opportunity afforded itself, when on December 31, 1990, THE RON SEGGI SHOW-live from NBC / UNIVERSAL STUDIOS FLORIDA, debuted nationwide, via satellite. It is now heard not only Nationally, but Internationally as well.

Since the show’s inception, Ron has interviewed over 19,000 guests and has broadcast his show from all over the world.

Ron had the honor of being tapped by Ed McMahon, one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, to be Ed’s announcer on his television show, “Nextbigstar”. As Ron puts’ it, “The supreme compliment is when the ultimate announcer asks you to be his announcer.”

The friendship between Ron and Ed evolved into a business partnership, which in addition to radio and television broadcast projects, included a Stage-show that toured the country.

Ron Seggi was selected in 2010 by the Fireball Run Adventure Rally, to be their on camera host. The Fireball Run takes Ron and over 100 celebrity and business leaders on an annual 3,500 mile cross country auto Rally, benefiting Missing Children.

Also on Ron’s calendar are frequent appearances as a guest speaker and emcee. Ron speaks at many conventions and seminars on such subjects as the Entertainment Business, Music, Experiences in Business and Broadcasting and the Media influence in public opinion. He also speaks on American History, Politics, and theories of the Kennedy Assassination.

Ron is an authority on Presidential History and in his home; his office is a mini-version of the real Oval Office.

Ron is a graduate of Gannon University, with a BA degree in Business Administration, with a major in Marketing and a minor in Economics. He has won several awards for his business and public service involvement.

He and his wife Claudia, who is the Vice President of his company, have been married for 37 years. They have two sons, Scott 34 and Christopher 31.

In his scarce spare time, you can find Ron either singing in his homesÕ music room or shinning one of his classics automobiles.

On January 8, 2001 Ron was bestowed a unique honor. The flag of the United States of America flew on the Nations’ Capital in Washington, D.C., to commemorate forty years of service in the radio and television industry. After the flag was taken down, it was given to Ron, as a tribute to this monumental occasion.