Monti Rock III is a flamboyant American all around performer from New York City. Born to a Puerto Rican family in the Bronx, he parlayed his role as an award winning celebrity hairdresser to a TV personality to night club performer, film actor to a successful Las Vegas columnist.

He is one of the first disco artists to cross into the mainstream. His hit recordings of “Get Dancin’ and “I Wanna Dance Witchoo” from the album “Disco Tex and The Sex-O-Lettes” led to his featured role in “Saturday Night Fever” and to his recurring guest shots on the Johnny Carson Tonight Show. He then moved to Miami where he appeared in many of the areas top night spots. Then on to Las Vegas where he now calls home and became a successful gossip and food columnist. Monti, an ordained reverend, also officiates at weddings. He is now working on the story behind Disco Tex and a documentary about his life.