Improving Audience Engagement

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by everything you’re not doing to get real results from your employees or customers?

Award-winning teacher, humorous speaker, and distinctive learning-strategies advocate, Laura Porreca has 30 years of experience connecting with diverse audiences. Seen on CNN, honored in the field of education with National Board Certification, and dreamer of all things possible, Laura traveled as a delegate with People to People International on a World Initiative to China. And she wants to share her seven secrets of engagement with you!

Laura is a lifelong learner herself. Living in Las Vegas, she would teach by day and sing by night. Professional speaking is not just a job for Laura. She has made it her mission to change the way we think about learning. Learn more by visiting her website: 7DailyHabits.com

Topics of Presentations

Gain Customer Loyalty and be Promoted and Referred—Why should anyone choose you instead of your competition? For the same reasons many Top Las Vegas Entertainers relied on Laura Porreca to educate their children. Learn how connection and contribution empower you to create a win-win-win. Good for you, good for your customers and good for your employees.

Train-the-Trainer Session—Get an intimate, no-holds-barred look at how the teaching–learning connection affects YOUR business every time you speak, and what you can do about it NOW to be remembered, referred, and to increase sales. This round table session is designed to address the specific questions of experts in the top 20% of their field. Become the Go-To Expert in your space

Make Your Message Memorable—Repackage your ideas for more sales and referrals, reduce costly employee turnover through enhanced retention, and create engagement with internal and external customers!


“Laura, thanks for your help with Lady and the Champs! I appreciate all you did helping us help people go places with smiles on their faces.” – Darren LaCroix, World Champion of Public Speaking and Founder of Stagetime University

“In front of a packed audience, Laura Porreca delivered one of the BEST presentations that I have witnessed in over 4 years. Congratulations, LAURA. You nailed it. A perfect 10.” – Bruce Merrin, of Bruce Merrin’s Celebrity Speakers and Entertainment