Ms. Hoang Taing can do 200 push up in 2 minutes in front of your audience! She will definitely inspire your entire group! She has done commercials and is ready to help your company grow!

Hoang Taing has been a vivid embodiment of the American dream and an inspiration to countless Americans and people everywhere around the world. Over a decade ago, Hoang Taing walked out of the “Killing Fields” in Cambodia after the brutal murders of her loved ones by the Khmer Rouge. Since arriving in America, she has succeeded in overcoming a series of obstacles to achieve an honored place in American society and civic life.

Ms. Hoang Taing’s life in America has been a brilliant success. College graduate, honor student, White House intern, White House Fellowship Regional Finalist, Fulbright Fellow, Washington, D.C. Teaching Fellow, Delta Kappa Gamma Scholar, George Washington Medal of Honor recipient, Commissioner on the Status of Women in Arlington, Virginia, and now “2007 Asian Academy Hall of Fame & Distinction” award winner. All of these things are a part of the life she has made for herself here in the USA.

Hoang Taing has traveled to all 50 States throughout the U.S., and has been to over 25 countries in all seven continents, counseling, motivating, and educating people from all walks of life about the importance of education, self-esteem, and resiliency. She is also co-founded “X & O” Film and Media Company helping young people with life skills. She has appeared in many major television and radio programs and has been featured in numerous newspaper and magazine articles. She has shared panel discussions with many prominent figures including Presidential candidate and Senator John McCain of Arizona, Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt, Governor Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania, author Jack Canfield, astronaut Alan Bean, actor Andrew Shue, and ABC News reporter Jonathan Karol.

Hoang Taing is a great leader and a caring mentor. She believes in Chinese Confucius teaching and family values. Ms. Taing appreciates the opportunities that America has given her and is taking the responsibility to give back to the community by promoting community and volunteer service throughout the world. Hoang Taing is the beacon of hope for people of all ages!