I would like to introduce you to Earl Davis, Jr. Earl is a man with universal appeal. His audiences roll with laughter and applaud with inspiration as this man who does more than motivate and educate, he touches people’s lives. His touching personal stories demonstrate a strategic plan for overcoming obstacles whether it’s in your organization or your personal life. The late John Alston said: “Earl Davis brings a refreshing vitality to the speaking profession as he lays out simple, yet profound principles so others can have a road map for ‘getting out the box’, too”. Coming from a life of seeming limitations: limited education, extreme poverty and lack, Earl has risen to become one of America’s most respected voices on human potential.

Dottie Walters said: “Earl Davis has an insatiable desire for wisdom. He is positively drawn to success and causes those who have contact with him to do the same. When all is said and done this young man will be amongst the world’s best.”

The TOP 10 Reasons to Hire Earl!

  1. Earl possesses a remarkable ability to make his clients/customers lives easier, richer, and more fulfilling.
  2. Earl is not just a source you turn to in times of a crisis, economic downturn and/or catastrophe.
  3. People have improved the world over, since extracting and implementing Earl’s success concepts and leadership strategies.
  4. Earl has numerous testimonials. The worst “they” say is he charges an exorbitant amount for his private consulting advice but then “they” go right on to confirm how this expensive advice helped their business grow monumentally.
  5. Earl makes it easy and fun to do business with him because of the win-win solutions he and his company provide.
  6. Earl will help you and your people (organization) dream again.
  7. Earl radiates enthusiasm, energy, dedication, passion and mixes love with everything he does.
  8. Earl will teach you and your people (organization) how to fully maximize what you’ve got and then multiply all your opportunities and assets exponentially.
  9. Earl is a comforting voice and a rare treasure box full of valuable insight in a stressed and troubled marketplace.
  10. Earl understands human behavior and engages the resiliency and resourcefulness of the human spirit for greater productivity.

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