Dr. Sherry Blake, better known as “Dr. Sherry” the therapist to the stars. Dr. Sherry addresses issues that emerge in relationships, regardless if it is in someone’s personal or professional life. Much of her work focuses on empowering women to eliminate emotional barriers in order to achieve their goals. Healthy relationships are essential, especially as part of corporate wellness.  Dr. Sherry is a licensed clinical psychologist with 30+ years and over 100,000 hours of direct and indirect service. Her work has encompassed everyone from celebrities in the entertainment, news, and sports arena to everyday people. She successfully combines a direct style, skilled techniques, and a touch of humor to make talking with her non-threatening and her presentations outstanding. Dr. Sherry presents exciting thought-provoking content, powerful funny relatable stories, and practical strategies to meet your goals and objectives. Her high energy, humor, expertise, and life-changing insights have a lasting impact on everyone she meets.

As a mental health expert, she has been featured on numerous TV networks, radio, and print media including CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC. She has been the therapist on WeTV’s Braxton Family Values and on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta. In addition, she has written a book “The Single Married Woman” and writes a weekly column “Ask Dr. Sherry” for As a result of her work in the media, she reaches millions of viewers that allow them to see the value of mental health services. Visit her website: