Dr. Sharad Paul in the Media

“Genuises and the Mind” –

“The Doctor Who Decodes the Skin Colour Myth” –

“Meet a storyteller within a surgeon, an academician, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist” –

“Rxevolutionary Man” –


Dr. Sharad Paul’s Talks Include

‘Skin—Past, Present, and Future’

‘Surgeon with a Heart’

‘Tensions at Work: Killing Paces & The Creative Antidote’

‘Polar Bears, Zebras, and Us—Skin Truths and Legends’

‘Skin—The Evolution of Skin and Skin Colour’

The following topics earned applause for Sharad recently:

THE HERO WITHIN YOU – Our adultation for celebrity name heroes in all fields, entertainment to medicine, should not stop there. Instead, it can inspire us to look for our own Hero-Within. This propels us on to attempt bigger goals and even more accomplishments at work, home or in the community.

TEARING DOWN BARRIERS TO ENLARGE PROFITS – Sharad provides an unusual creative perspective for non-profits and the entire business community. Looking at the shopping mall as an example, he points out that similar stores like fashion/dress shops for women, shoe.haberdashery stores for men, high tech stores like Sharper Image with like products gain more customers when they are neighbors to each other.

Similarly, Sharad encourages non-profit organizations instead of holding onto a mindset of competing with other non-profits, join hands to reach out to larger overall community for support. In Sharad’s unique proposal the end results are surprising. He provides fascinating proof of his revolutionary concept.

LEARNING FROM CHILDREN TO RESTORE YOUR HOPE – The current crises and hysteria growing from the tragedy in Paris, Mali and threatening the globe,harm our emotions and feelings. The antidote is one that Sharad discovers ongoing in his weekly visits to children’s schools. He engages children with creative writing projects. His annual competition with a theme like “I open the door and see…” exposes nightmares and impossible dreams. Rewarding the winners with generous iPad gifts and trophies plus a new library of books for their school is inspirational for everyone, including Sharad.

Achievements and Accolades

Finalist, New Zealander of the Year 2012

Winner, NZ Medical Association’s Highest Award, The Chair’s Award 2012 (not awarded annually, and to only one doctor across all specialities of medicine)

(Hon) Senior Lecturer (Surgery) University of Auckland, New Zealand

Senior Lecturer (Skin Cancer), University of Queensland, Australia

Member, NZ National Commission UNESCO 2006-2013 Health Innovation Award 2003


About Dr. Sharad Paul

A Miracle for you: Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Christopher Columbus are rolled into the charismatic persona of Dr. Sharad Paul, whose medical journey around the world, delightful story-telling talents, and insights into the human condition share the cutting edge of science. Dr. Paul’s myth-breaking revelations to enlighten and entertain your audiences incorporate the brilliance of Einstein, today’s philosopher-Newton, and the daring discoveries of a new Columbus. He dazzles us with revelations that impact our lives right now and will in the future. Contemporary Author of fiction, non-fiction and poetry with newly published books that are record-setting by their very numbers!

Featured in TIME Magazine as one of the world’s celebrity scientists, Dr. Shard Paul captures our imaginations and mesmerizes our attention with his extraordinary vision, entertaining and enlightening in his memorable presentations, custom tailored to your specific groups.

As a surgeon specialist his amazing explorations into “SKIN” (new edition forthcoming), and his innovations in the field of cosmetology, blend into his exciting talks which impact our sense-of-touch responses, the foods we eat, the stress we respond to, and the lifestyles we lead today and will lead in the promising future.

Dr. Sharad Paul’s “REvolution RX” dispels the myths connected to skin color and sheds new light for us on two “friendly” vitamins Vitamin D and Folic acid which may prove to be more the miscreants than the magic we believe.

As a World traveler based in New Zealand the frontiers of new science is shared with us in America….and what a privilege it will be to hear this talented story-teller weave his own wonders for your audience.

Tribute from Prof. Harald Kittler MD

Medical University of Vienna Congress President, World Congress of Dermoscopy & Skin Imaging, 2015

To whom it may concern

Please accept this letter in support of Dr. Sharad Paul whom I know personally for many years. I am Ao. Professor of Dermatology at the Medical University of Vienna, where I have been given the opportunity to evaluate the credentials of numerous physician-scientists over the years. Dr. Sharad Paul has developed an impressive reputation as a leader in the field of dermatology, dermato-oncology and skin cancer surgery, and is regarded as unique in the field of medicine because he has mastered the ability to manage so many disciplines. He has been singled out to present his work at many critical conferences all over the world attended by leading authorities in the field. I recently invited him to chair the surgical workshops at the World Dermoscopy Congress in Vienna. He is a remarkably multitalented person. He teaches creative writing to disadvantaged children, he was appointed into the National Commission of UNESCO as literacy adviser, and he is the author of several novels. Having read his books and being interested in literature myself I feel competent to say that he has great writing talents. He also developed interest in narrative medicine and aims at establishing such a program. Please let me explain why this effort deserves special attention.

Nearly 400 years lie between Hamlet’s lament that “the time is out of joint” and Fukuyama’s declaration of “the end of history”. Fukuyama’s diagnosis pertains to the evolution of past events of mankind as a whole that have come to an end in a political sense. Whether one agrees with this diagnosis or not the crucial point is that there is a narrative that holds the world together. If the history of mankind was just a chaotic sequence of events, preposterous and meaningless, the time would be really out of joint not just literally. Numerous historians, philosophers, sociologist and historians-philosophers- sociologists from Hegel to Derrida, from Nietzsche to Foucault and from Hobbes to Fukuyama, tried to set it right and to correct the dislocation. Medicine as a discipline cares as much about mankind as it cares about individuals. Medical history dissolves into individual stories. Each patient history is a unique narrative. Patients, like mankind, can be out of joint too if the narrative is missing. The famous case histories of Sigmund Freud and the novels and plays of his contemporary physician-literate Arthur Schnitzler pay tribute to the close relationship of narrative medicine and illness coping. The times that we call “postmodern” do not care too much about stories. We zap through our lives as we change TV-channels but we rarely watch a movie from the beginning to the end. We are highly connected but we fail to see the common thread behind short messages and headlines. We surf the internet for hours but we never arrive on the last page. Physicians take the personal history but they have no time to relate to personal stories. Our postmodern life keeps us busy but we do not make ends meet. We are, however, addicted to coherence. Nobody knows this better than patients who are seriously ill. Their first question almost always is “why and how?” The next question usually is “how will it end?”

Especially when it comes to serious disabling illness or death we urgently need a coherent story, a personal narrative, which in the usual jargon is called “meaning”.

We need somebody who creates coherence if we are “out of joint” and if we get stuck for the right word we need somebody to tell our story. We need Dr. Sharad Paul. In the same sense as the world needs historians-philosophers-sociologists for the history of mankind the world needs a physician-philosopher-l iterate for narrative medicine. Only a distinguished physician such as Dr. Sharad Paul with a sense for “stories” understands the importance of narrative medicine in improving patient-physician communication. He is the Sigmund Freud and Arthur Schnitzler of our times. I applaud everybody who supports him personally and his efforts to establish a program in narrative medicine.


Dr. Sharad Paul was named the winner of the
Ko Awatea award for Leading Improvement on a Global Scale in 2015.