James W. Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D., has long been considered one of the most respected physicians in the United States, particularly for his treatment of cancer and the legal use of human growth hormone. In the early 1960s, Dr. Forsythe graduated with honors from University California at Berkeley and earned his Medical Degree from University of California, San Francisco, before spending two years residency in Pathology at Tripler Army Hospital, Honolulu. After a tour of duty in Vietnam, he returned to San Francisco and completed an internal medicine residency and an oncology fellowship. He is also a world renowned speaker and author. He has co-authored and written chapters in best sellers. To name a few:

  • An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer
  • KNOCKOUT, interviews with Doctors who are Curing Cancer and BREAKTHROUGH: EIGHT STEPS TO WELLNESS ( Suzanne Somers’ number one best sellers)
  • The Ultimate Guide To Natural Health, Quick Reference A-Z Directory of Natural Remedies for Diseases and Ailments
    Anit-Aging Cures
  • The Healing Power of Sleep
  • Outsmart Your Cancer: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work and Alternative Medicine Guide 2 Women’s Health Series
  • “Compassionate Oncology” What Conventional Cancer Specialists Don’t Want You To Know.

Leading the Way to Better Health

While a standard allopathic physician and before he became boarded as a Homeopathic Physician, for a number of years, he served as the only oncologist in Northern Nevada who would treat cancer patients that also were under the care of an alternative medical physician. From the 1970s through the early 1990s, he observed that patients who were integrating conventional treatments with alternative therapies were doing better. While enjoying a quality of life far superior to patients who received only standard-oncology treatments, these people with cancer had fewer side effects from chemotherapy.

These results convinced Dr. Forsythe that—while conventional medicine had made great strides with chemotherapy drugs targeting specific cancers—so-called standard medical methods lagged behind in keeping the patients’ immune system stimulated. More than 25 years after becoming a certified medical oncologist, in 1995 Dr. Forsythe also earned a homeopathic certificate from the British Institute of Homeopathy. He started the oncology units at all three major hospitals in Reno, Nevada as well as the Veteran’s Hospital Oncology Clinic. He also was the founding father for Reno’s Ronald McDonald House. Most notably he warned of the “Cancer Cluster” in Fallon, Nevada due to high levels of arsenic in the ground water. See more at DrForsythe.com

Dr. Forsythe continues with his many clinical outcome-based studies. In his research, he used three options per the patients’ desires:

  1. Fractionated chemotherapy with Insulin Polentiated Therapy (IPT)
  2. Fractionated chemotherapy plus homeopathic treatments
  3. Complementary (homeopathic and/or naturopathic) modalities alone.

The following Treatment Options are offered for Cancer Care:

  • The Forsythe Immune Protocol with The Forsythe Lite (low-dose fractionated chemo) Insulin Potentiated Therapy (LDIPT) Protocol
  • Alkaline H2O-PH Therapy
  • Chemotherapy with Immune Enhancement
  • Chemosensitivity Testing on Whole Blood
  • Immune Enhancement
  • Nutritional and Lifestyle Guidance
  • Individual Dietary, Vitamin, Mineral and Herbal Programs
  • Use of Biologic Response Modifiers Including Immunotherapy
  • Referrals for Surgical and/or Radiation Therapy
  • Second Opinions
  • Infusion Center for all Intravenous Treatments
  • Bio-Oxidative Therapy
  • Stress Management

Art and Science in the Treatment of Cancer

The following medical investigations have been accomplished by Dr. Forsythe and his staff:

  1. Paw-Paw
  2. Poly-MVA
  3. Forsythe Immune Protocol
  4. Forsythe Lite (low-dose chemo) Insulin Potentiated Therapy (LDIPT ) Protocol with Genomic Testing

Dr. Forsythe found through his studies that superior results were obtained by using combination treatments of The Forsythe Immune Protocol and the Forsythe Lite (low dose chemo) with Insulin Potentiated Therapy (LDIPT) Protocols.

Our Goals While the treatments of conventional and complementary therapies for cancer are two separate sciences, both are linked by common philosophies. Among the following:

  • Empowerment: Enable patients to make choices in their own treatment, recovery and future health maintenance.
  • Good Nutrition: Stress the importance of Good Nutrition as a core requirement of health.
  • Supplementation: Vitamins, minerals, nutrients, herbs, hormones, and enzymes to fight off disease and eliminate toxins.
  • Balance: Give patients the ability to achieve a balanced life style that includes exercise, rest, sleep and emotional harmony.
  • Hormonal Replacement: The backbone to health, a better quality of life and longevity. Replacing all declining hormones.
  • Holistic Health: Treating the whole person, not just their illness or a single organ.
  • Detoxification: Detoxify and improve the efficiency of the organs and body systems.
  • Knowledge: Increase health awareness and early cancer detection through education and active prevention.

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