Keynote and Seminar Topics

Making Headlines — Are You Making News?
No matter how popular online media becomes, there’s still an amazing amount of cache in being interviewed or featured in traditional media. Glossy magazines, newspaper, radio shows and TV, both local and national, still carry a lot of weight and can advance and enhance your brand like nothing else. But how do you get the attention of the press? And once you’ve got their attention… will you be ready? Dana shares strategies for making your media pitch stand out, being media ready AND leveraging the coverage you get.

Image is Everything — Why Looks Matter for Your Brand, Your Products, and Yourself.
Sure, it’s what’s inside that counts, but if you want your customers to look deeper, you have to draw them in with that first impression. Whether you’re an enterprise B2B company, an individual or a start-up with the best new B2C product on the market, your image matters and your company image matters. Dana explains the science behind first impressions and shares examples of brands and images that work and those that don’t. She also shares the philosophy behind her own brand and image and talks about how to effectively “fake it ’til you make it”.

Don’t Fail — Learn. Why Embracing Failure is Just an Excuse.
Somehow failure has become cool. Articles discussing failures of well-known leaders, memes like Fail Fast and even conferences on failure have become all the rage. Dana contends that focusing on failing fast, and studying the failure of others will just lead to more failure. The dictionary definition of failure is “not achieving the desired end or ends” but John Lennon famously said, “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” Dana explains how long-term goals for growth, learning, connection and even happiness can change how you see an event that some might call a failure.

START: The #1 Thing You Need to Do to Get to the Finish Line
What is the one thing all successful people have in common? They started. They didn’t just sit on the couch and think about their idea or dream about using their talent. They got out there and began doing it. There are million things that can get between you and starting. Dana talks through some common roadblocks to starting and gives real world examples of how to overcome them. From fear, to false priorities to “analysis paralysis” Dana talks through how and when to start and what to expect once you do.

Finding Your Passion and Putting it to Work For You (AND Your Company)
The dictionary definitions of passion include “strong or powerful emotion” and “boundless enthusiasm” yet a 2012 Gallup study found that “70 percent of workers are either actively disengaged or not engaged” at work. So, is it possible to be passionate about your work? Can you really do what you love and make money at it? Can you find parts of the job you have now to engage you or can you infuse something you ARE passionate about into your current job? Dana starts at the beginning and talks through the discovery of and pursuit of your passion. She shares her own journey and the journey’s of some of the many people she’s interviewed along the way.