Cactus Jack is an entrepreneur, inventor, salesman, and CEO (that’s Chief Excitement Officer) at Cactus Jack’s Marketing, a product sourcing and promotion firm based in Ames, Iowa. Cactus Jack holds more than a dozen patents.

Acting like PT Barnum and looking like a cross between John Wayne and Grizzly Adams, Cactus Jack has spent a lifetime taking the road less traveled. That road has led to millions of dollars in sales for products featured on home shopping networks like QVC, in infomercials, and offered in online and bricks-and-mortar retailers.

Never one to discount the importance of graduating high school second in his class – he readily admits it was his strong personality that led him to close his formal schooling second from the bottom – it is Cactus Jack’s flair, combined with his connections in the product sourcing business that make him a powerful player in getting new products to market.

Author of the book “How to Get and Market Million Dollar Ideas”, Cactus Jack has appeared on dozens of network television productions, most recently the reality show “Shark Tank” on ABC. On the program, Cactus Jack partnered with investors Barbara Corcoran and Kevin Harrington to bring the Body Jac – an exercise machine invented by Cactus Jack – to the masses. In addition, he has been featured in publications ranging from People Magazine to the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and more.

In addition to his work breathing life into products to get them to market, Cactus Jack is a popular speaker, giving seminars on motivation, success, and marketing to a broad range of audiences including a multitude of university marketing classes, large corporations, the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE), Venture Capital Groups, and entrepreneurial organizations across the USA.

Cactus Jack’s “life strategy” has evolved from a deep understanding and appreciation for the works of author Napoleon Hill, including his landmark work Think and Grow Rich. In his personal life, Cactus Jack is just as flamboyant as he is when appearing on network television.