The First Two Letters in Profit are PR!!!!

With declining economic times for businesses, CEOs are searching for how to make their companies profitable! Legendary PR wizard, Bruce Merrin has the answer.

Bruce has represented Michael Landon, Johnny Carson, Elvis Presley, Ed McMahonand dozens of celebrities and shows. He has handled PR campaigns for many Fortune 500 companies. He launched the campaign for Teddy Ruxpin The Talking Teddy Bear, which was the #1 selling toy for 3 years worldwide. He has handled product PR promotions for BluBlocker Sunglasses, Rosarita, Remy Martin, Cartier, BMW, Versace, Gucci, Discount Tires, Westland Helicopters and Irvine Ranch Farmers Markets. Bruce and his mom Lee Merrin, handled national PR for the world’s #1 publisher Simon & Schuster for over a decade. They implemented multi-city tours every month for the top authors. Dozens of them were #1 Best Sellers! He created publicity campaigns for the Snowcreek Ski Area at Mammoth Lakes, The Hilton Hotel in Warner Center, The Wimbledon Tennis Championships in the U.K., The Marriott in Woodland Hills and the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Bruce has taken start up companies like Designer Home Tending and created an avalanche of PR including 7 national television interviews. He was the keynote speaker in Las Vegas in June at Wayne Allyn Root & Friends Winners Experience, a two day extravaganza at the Green Valley Ranch Resort. He received a thunderous standing ovation.

“I have seen President Clinton, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Michael Beckwith and Colin Powell perform speaking engagements and I thought that Bruce Merrin’s presentation in Las Vegas was better than any of them.”…Lee Mayer

Bruce Merrin will share ideas with your corporate audience that will $KYROCKET YOUR PROFIT$$$$.

Bruce Merrin, fondly known to clients as THE Communicator is a great speaker, energized with a talent for helping all business personnel and social organizations zero in on the problem that causes more divorces and personnel problems, even inside executive management: LACK OF COMMUNICATION. How to Communicate is the professional message of Public Relations strategist Bruce Merrin. Treat your group to an outstanding, entertaining and critically informative presentation by Bruce Merrin. Custom-fitted to your Company’s needs, the most valuable investment you’ll ever make. Book Now!

Bruce’s Media

I want to thank Angella Joy, a talented actress, and partner with me, for this outstanding video about Bruce Merrin PR and Celebrity Speakers. Enjoy. Angella Joy is simply brilliant.



Click below to watch Bruce Merrin present to a prestigious business group from Hawaii at Green Valley Ranch Resort in Las Vegas.



Bruce Merrin Guests on Suzy Saline’s popular TV show: “SUZY’S LIFESTYLES OF LAS VEGAS”