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Ava Diamond has her foundation in Ivy league clinical education and 20 years of experience helping hundreds of people to overcome the most challenging of life’s circumstances. She blends this background with her several years of pursuing and achieving Pro athlete status in her sport. With evidence-based clinical expertise in motivation enhancement and advanced personal experience with athletic goal-attainment, Ms. Diamond has developed Mental Fitness Coaching: a practical, strategic approach to creating a vital life physically, professionally, and in relationships. She believes in the power of experiential learning and uses her entrepreneurial bent to construct dynamic experiences for her audiences. She has created and taught resiliency programs at Yale University School of Medicine and for large hospital organizations and presented impactful, engaging workshops for audiences large and small in community forums and at corporate retreats. Ms. Diamond has been sought out by so many diverse professionals for consultation on how to discover and develop their careers uniquely that she has been called “The Niche Master”.

Ms. Diamond has recently been cast in an inspirational reality television show, CastIron Ladies, as herself: Therapist, Athlete, Mental Fitness Coach, Mother, Significant Other, Entrepeneur…not necessarily in that order, but highlighting her Mental Fitness Coaching.

Ms. Diamond can open doors, minds, and hearts through the power of possibility and authenticity. Mental Fitness Coaching seminars leave audiences with the tools they need to gain the “Two C’s of SuCCess: Clarity and Conviction” to reach and surpass their goals professionally, physically, and in relationships.